• No surprise bills

  • Transparent monthly instalments

  • Fair and affordable

  • No overpriced, cookie-cutter, fixed-fee packages

  • Unobstructed focus on providing value

How to engage with us

You’ve already taken the first steps to working with us. From here, it’s a simple four-step process…

1Discovery – During our free initial consultation, you’ll get a feel for us and the value we can provide; and we’ll learn as much as possible about you and your aspirations.
We want to know the ins and outs of your business, what inspires you and what frustrates you, how you currently work and where things could be improved.
It may feel like we ask a million questions but we really want to understand you.

2Review – We’ll conduct a detailed review of your current financial position and accounting systems.
The aim is to uncover any potential issues or opportunities and get a feel for how you’ve been doing things to date. We can then formulate a game plan to put in motion.

3Proposal – We’ll provide a customised proposal that fully addresses your needs and goals.
The proposal will outline the services we provide, along with a transparent monthly instalment fee.
There’s more about our fees below and you can check out our fee schedule here.

4Let’s get started – With a single click, you can accept the proposal and we can get started. We can’t wait to work with you!

How do we charge?

In most cases, we just don’t feel that a fixed fee is fair.

If you’re proactive and maintain clean records, making our job easier, you should pay less!

So we charge in monthly instalments, based on our best estimate of the work required over a financial year.

We track that work and you only pay for the services provided.

Most likely, you’ll have questions about how we charge. They’re answered on our FEES page.

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