• You get to make the investment choices (even property)

  • Real-time tracking for your retirement goals

  • Optimise your fund for the best possible performance

  • Inexpensive set up and ongoing compliance provided

Take back control over your retirement funds

Many Australians are not tracking as well as they’d hoped to fund their later years. And it’s made worse by not having any say in where their money is being invested.

With a self-managed super fund (SMSF) set up in the right way and with the right advice, there’s no reason why you can’t start tracking to meet your financial goals.

As SMSF specialists, we enable you to achieve direct control and maximise your retirement savings now and into the future.

We’ll assist in getting your fund set up, optimising it, keeping it compliant, and helping you track towards your savings goals.

Michael Olofinsky from Brookvale Insurance Brokers explains how we’ve assisted him with the complex needs of his SMSF…

Why an SMSF may be the perfect option for you…

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