Motivated Money

Motivated Money

By Peter Thornhill

David Olofinsky writes:

I read this book when I was 21 and it had a massive impact on the way I view investing. Peter is very gifted at presenting the facts in a logical and understandable way to make his point and provide practical lessons.

The author breaks down investing concepts in a way that makes it really easy to understand, it doesn’t matter your level of financial experience, you’ll be able to follow exactly what he’s discussing. He explains what the various asset classes are and then compares how they’ve each performed over time, making it really clear how you should approach your long-term investment strategy. There are no get rich quick schemes, its just a matter of investing in the right asset classes over the long term and letting the markets to their thing. The core messages of this book are invaluable, it’s a personal lesson in financial literacy.

It doesn’t matter your age, everyone will take value from this book, but wish they’d read it when they were younger. I encourage everyone to do themselves a favour and read this book, it could have a profound impact on your future prosperity.


Sound Financial Advice for the Post-GFC World.
Peter Thornhill’s new book gives people an exciting insight into the investment philosophies that has made him a renowned investment speaker and consultant. In the updated and expanded sixth edition, it offers guidance for future decades, along with demystifying the complexities of investment with particular reference to shares.

Who can benefit from this knowledge?
The young who are just setting out on life’s great adventure
Those working and raising families
Those contemplating retirement

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